The Gift of Thankful-ness, 2018 Edition

~ Top Ten Things List for which I Feel Thankful in 2018 ~


❤ ❤ ❤


#10: Non-toxic soaps and lotions from Pure Haven Essentials and Max and Madeleien


#9: Massage therapy and physical therapy appointments at The Gentle Place and the Wellness Center with Donna, Sasha, Rachael, Ingrid, Dianne


#8: My lovely coworkers for being awesome!


#7: My real-life family and my egg-free fam, Romeo, Mom, Dad, Laura, Jonathan, Aunt Roberta, Uncle Richard, Uncle Paul, Aunt Sharon, Aunt Helene, Grandpa, Mark, Ben, and Arlene


#6: Coffee, Snacks, and Smoothies at Dulce D Leche and Pizza and Snacks at Volturno and Hearth Pizzeria


#5: Cozy slippers, sheep print pajamas, and other warm clothing in this freezing-cold November


#4: Food, glorious, food that I am not allergic to!


#3: My allergist Dr. Ann for always being there for me.


#2: My body, for doing its job the best it can, sometimes a better job than at other times.


#1: Wonderful friends and fun cooking days spent with Jonathan, Abby, Jon, Heather, and etcetera!

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