Hey y’all! It’s been a while <3

Hey Everyone!!! Did you miss me?!!! And like… did you also miss reading my words?


Because let’s be real — I missed writing to you ❤ !!!


It’s been a little… bananas. Well ok, a LOT bananas!


After effectively falling off the face of the blog-o-sphere… and like — I basically did a massive career 180! I achieved a higher starting wage of EPIC-NESS by getting a brand-new job at a grocery store… and, surprisingly, I made the temporary choice to leave early childhood and the awkwardly low $12 per hour salary in the DUST… and then I was really just missing Mark and Ben terribly… soo —

I am happily and excitedly EXCITED TO SAY —

That I am BACK on the internet and in that egg-free kitchen in our egg-free lives — ANDDD — let’s be real, it feels super-good to be back on the internet!!


Coming soon… you can expect the following things. I mean, other than simply, like, obvious stuff like my promising you to have updates that happen more than twice per year or like what-have-you 😉 !!!!!!!!!!


❤ ❤ ❤


Ok. So. To update y’all — Carrot fried rice with marinated steak is what WE are cooking up-next; AKA on Monday night at our next food-ly adventure together 😀 It has been TOO LONG since I have cooked in Arlene’s gorgeous egg-free world of a home 😉


That’s right, I am BACKKKK in our egg-free kitchen on a semi-regular, mostly occasional basis. YESSS! I missed it A LOT… Ok. Well, I didn’t miss the lack of like. Um ok — well, the complications that arise from making every-day, generally egg-laden-staple items such as pancakes and crepes that really and truly tend to rely on eggs to do generally-epic things such as… rise up and be fluffy and not just as dense as all that!? I admit, I do miss eggs every now and again when trying to make a pancake without them or like. A crepe or whatever!

But. That said.

I missed lemon faux-meringue pies with vegan mini-marshmallow topper! I missed making Mark whisk the lemon curd for all of eternity, or 12 minutes — whichever one came first… 😉 And I frankly, truly, honestly — I missed seeing Mark and Ben’s smiling faces all the time. Sooo —

I am going back! I am going back, on a scaled-down version of our original love-fest of a schedule, but I did get my old night — Tuesday night — back 🙂 Not every week. But like. Some holiday weekends, some weekends in general, and the occasionally-often but not-every-single-week of a Tuesday night 😀 ❤ 😉

There will be quick fix meals. And there will be feasts. And… everything in between, I suppose one could say 🙂 So…


Here are some of the recipes that I can PROMISE YOU will be re-vamped, re-introduced, re-made, and re-upped in the epic-ness department…

… carrot fried rice alongside our fave stand-by, that good-ol’ steak in a citrus-laden and garlic/scallion-y marinade, version 2.0!

… sweet potato pie, new adaptation of our old adaptation.

… more sweet potato biscuits, with more butter (because butter goes with EVERYTHING… including with just like… itself?!)

… more homemade quick-jams and jellies

… more quick-fixes to make our own egg-less versions of pantry staples like that old-favorite, faux-mayo. Only… newer and more awesome than just the faux-mayo because like — that is already old-hat at this point 😉

… more onions, more scallions, and ALL the garlic!

… more twists on breads, rolls, and other yeast-full treats!

… other and more daring recipes for compound butters, that old trick of ours from back in the day of Year One in the Cramped Apartment!


In the words of Darren Criss as Harry Potter… I’m so glad I came back ❤ 😉 ❤

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