Grilled Chicken Tenders with Fun Marinade!

My dad and I did an experiment today to try to make a new and exciting take on grilled chicken! Ready to find out what we created? Let’s get started 🙂


You will need…

For the marinade:

1/2 lb chicken breast tenders

cilantro leaves as desired

juice of 2-3 limes

a generous few shakes of garlic salt

1 scallion, sliced

few glugs of olive oil


For the sauce:

approx 3 cups of large-diced tomato pieces

1 scallion, sliced

1 piece of garlic, sliced, plus 1 piece of garlic whole


lime wedges for serving



Start by assembling everything for the marinade. Use whole cilantro leaves and discard the stems. Cut the scallion into larger pieces so that the pieces won’t burn on the grill. Mix all of the ingredients in a dish with high sides, mixing very thoroughly, then add the chicken and coat it in the marinade carefully. You can let it marinate for 10 to 15 minutes, during which you should preheat your outdoor grill.

In the mean time, prepare your sauce by cutting up tomatoes: I used local tomatoes, including one very large red tomato and quite a few medium-small yellow tomatoes (the kind that are ripe while yellow). Cut the white parts of the scallion very thinly, and then cut the greens so they are pretty big. The point is to be able to cook the white parts through very quickly without burning the green parts.

Heat a pan over medium-low heat with a splash of olive oil and add a whole garlic piece. When the garlic starts to sizzle, add the sliced garlic and scallions. Cook for 2 minutes, stirring frequently. The scallions will be just starting to cook through with the white parts separating from themselves. Then add all the tomato pieces and stir well. Turn the heat up to medium and cook another 6 to 8 minutes. You’ll know the sauce is done when some of the tomatoes’ juices are in the pan, but the tomatoes themselves still look mostly plump. Take the pan off the heat immediately, so as to avoid drying out the sauce.

My dad grilled the chicken while I was putting the finishing touches on the sauce. Remember to always be careful that your chicken is cooked through, because rare chicken is very dangerous for your health.

When the chicken is completed, serve it with lots and lots of the sauce, lime wedges, and the carbohydrate of your choice! Buon appetito 🙂

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