How Awesome to Have Ben Here.

Blah, blah, blah, Mark’s allergies, let’s make food; Ben is awesome and here we go!

(I was lucky enough to visit with Mark recently, but Ben was at work. And I missed him. Thus was created this blog post in Ben’s honor.)

If there’s one person I can’t fully compliment enough, it’s Ben. Because we would not be anywhere near this functional without how much, first Mark, and then I, have relied on Ben.

It’s hard for me to put into words how important it has been to just know what a relief it has always been to know that Ben is right there. I trust Ben at his absolute core. I remember that line from Harry Potter book 6 when Dumbledore says to Harry, “I am not worried. I am with you.”

I trust Ben for common sense and really good instincts. For intelligence and being able to learn quickly. For being easy to rely on always. And all the times I’ve witnessed Ben act heart-first.

Ben, you awesome human being! Thank you for the ways you have SO helped me. And most important of all is, Thank you for being YOU.

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