About That Egg-Free Life

Once upon a time, in a summer camp named Kaleidoscope, a small blonde child was so sad that he had too many allergies to take the Cooking elective.


And that was the start of something new.


That child was Mark, and that cooking teacher was Alison, and neither of us could have known how much a chance meeting at Kaleidoscope Camp in the line for lice checks would change our worlds!


In 2014, I began my role as a Nanny, Cooking Teacher, and Personal Assistant for the family of Arlene, Mark, and Ben. And never looked back ❤


To Arlene, who gave me a chance and told me that my time was worth fifteen dollars per hour: Thank you. I respect you, I appreciate you, and I love you.


To my twins, Mark and Ben: I am beyond proud of the young men you have become. I respect you, I am grateful to you, I appreciate your epic-ness, and I love you forever.

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