Arlene’s Testimonial For Alison

2017, via email from Arlene to Alison to share onward 🙂


I have been thrilled to have Alison Schwartz teach my children cooking in our home.

Alison also comes to our home to prepare healthy, delicious meals that are safe for my son with severe food allergies.  This is an enormous help to us as a family since I am a single parent.

We first met Alison when my sons took cooking class with her at camp.

My 16 year old sons had private lessons with her in our home for several years.

Alison does a wonderful job and it has been a great gift to have children who can prepare a meal independently.

One of my sons has multiple severe food allergies.  Alison spends her own time experimenting with recipes to adapt for us.  Alison is patient, thoughtful, and good with children of all ages.  She has even done a blog about her experiences with us: